Our lives are measured in the flow of the seasons. The steady roll of the wheel of the year.

Summer’s ebbing away, and once more the equinox cuts like a bell through the rush and noise of our day to day. Invites us to notice what’s shifted for us, our lives, our communities, since we were last here.

But life is busy. The days fly by. How do we find the time to slow down and pay attention? Avoid arriving – blink! – in December, all of a sudden, racing around to prepare for the holidays and wondering where the time went?

This is your invitation to join me for a guided journey in these coming weeks.

• Celebrate what you’ve achieved this year and gracefully let go of what you’re ready to leave behind
• Take practical actions to root yourself in each moment and live more seasonally, sustainably and mindfully
• Prepare for the darkest point of the year and take exquisite care of yourself as we move towards winter

Autumn collage: A mindful autumn

Release|Receive is a mindful online journey through Autumn 2017.

Take care of yourself with weekly prompts for reflection and grounding in what’s going on in your life.

Celebrate the shift through sharing your images and observations with others; prepare with simple tools to explore the unique energy Autumn brings.

You’ll see how the facets of the season are showing up in your life right now, and develop a deeper understanding of the wisdom this specific year has for you.

We’ll begin on 22nd September, the autumn equinox – the point when night and day find equilibrium. Our journey will end at the winter solstice: 21st December, when daylight is at its minimum.

The space between these markers is a powerful time to integrate your experience of the year so far, and let go of what you no longer need. We’ll explore together what it means to truly enjoy the harvest, release what’s ready to be shed from our lives, and prepare for the richly reflective time of winter.

Along the way, we’ll examine themes of nourishment, loss and letting go, of composting and spinning sadness into gold, and finding the light which burns brightly even as the nights lengthen.

“To anyone thinking of taking the course I would say, do it: it was so inspiring. Take time to devour the season – this beautiful course prompts you to contemplate the changes unfolding around you perfectly”

Heather Waring, Waring Well


This is a richly creative, deeply present experience.

And the thoughtful community we co-create, as we weave the threads of our observing together… is something quite remarkable.

Every week you’ll receive a beautifully designed message exploring a particular aspect of the season. You’ll be invited to reflect on that week’s theme, and allow it to infuse into your week – there will be suggestions for journalling, notes on what to observe around you and practices to bring the concepts we’ll explore to life.

“I love the way you asked us to observe the minutiae of nature and connect it with our lives. It was really beautiful and helped me connect with something that is very important to me. It also supported my creative energy which is essential for my wellbeing. Thank you.” Jo

Autumn images: A mindful autumn


Above all, you’ll be reminded to step away from the screen, and look around you.

To breathe in the time and place in which you live and pay closer attention to the changes happening in your internal and external worlds.

We’ll gather in a private Facebook group to relate our own experiences, and I’ll share snippets of my own journey from the farm I live on. Participation is entirely optional in both. If you want to experience the course privately and at your own pace, feel free to do so.

The first ten people to sign up will also receive a package of autumnal treasures in the mail. A carefully curated package of handcrafted souvenirs of the season: original artwork and writing to commemorate the work we’ve done and physical reminders of the internal changes we’ve experienced.

“Your email brought a feeling of stillness with it each time it arrived in my inbox”

Nicola Delacroix, When It’s Time To Say Goodbye


What will we explore?

I’ll be sharing elements from a blend of traditions, along with my own observations of the land on which I live. Themes will include:

  • The Celtic festivals of Equinox, Samhain and Solstice
  • The Day of the Dead and our connection to our ancestors
  • The cardinal points: West, the setting sun, and our direction in life
  • Elements of Autumn: Water and Metal
  • Preparing for winter
  • Moon phases, astrology and autumn in the skies
  • Ayurveda in Autumn: Pitta into Vata
  • Compost, mulch and the nutrients in our soil
  • Yin and Yang in the coming season

By investigating these very different aspects and philosophies of the cycle of the year, we’ll open up a space for reflection and inspiration that will help integrate where you are into what is happening.

“It really deepened my appreciation of my home in a period of quite a lot of change, and kept bringing me back to all that was good around me.”

Geraldine Willcocks


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Who am I?

I’m Madeleine. Originally from London, since 2014 I’ve lived on a small off-grid farm in the mountains of Central Portugal. With no central heating and solar powered electricity, spring is a glorious segue into long hot days, abundant energy, and planting up the new garden for the summer months.

I started The Seasoned Year because, in choosing a more simple life I’ve learned to connect with the seasons on a visceral as well as intellectual level – and that’s changed everything for me. I want others to experience the peace, connection and sense of safety that comes from deepening our understanding of the annual cycles we’re a part of, whether we recognise them or not.

I live more closely than I ever had with the land and its rhythms, and I’ve been cultivating my own observations of the changes – and researching other interpretations of those shifts – for the past few years. I’m excited to share the changes I observe personally with you, as well as soaking up your experience and discovering more about each week’s theme in community.

You can read more about me and my journey to connecting with the seasons here, and in this interview with Hannah Braime.

Autumn images: Mindful seasonal journey 2

Release|Receive is for you if:

  • You’re drawn to living a life that’s mindful and connected, where you feel truly present in each moment and in tune with the bigger picture
  • You tend to seek meaning in what you do: your work, your way of life and your relationships
  • You enjoy experimenting with rituals and practices to ground you to where you are in time and space
  • You thrive when you’re inspired and stimulated by creative prompts, and are self-motivated to take action
  • You’re willing to spend about an hour each week reading and reflecting

Release|Receive is not for you if:

  • You’re primarily looking for information and theory (though further reading will be suggested if you’re keen to find out more about any of the themes we touch on)
  • You’re not willing to pay attention to your own experience and would prefer someone else to tell you what to do
  • You know you need strict accountability before you take action – I won’t be checking up on whether you’ve completed the prompts or reflections
  • You’re tender to references to grief, loss or letting go. These emotions are fundamental to Autumn, so if they’re triggering for you and now isn’t the time to explore them, Release | Receive probably isn’t for you
  • You’re not in the Northern Hemisphere and aren’t going to be experiencing the shift from Summer into Winter over the next few months. (If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere and you’d like to take part when Autumn comes around, drop me a quick email and I’ll let you know if I make the course available at a later date).


Will this take up lots of time?

This experience is designed to bring you into a more mindful relationship with the passing of the season. This Autumn will only happen once; wherever you’re at in your life, there is no other time to pay attention to it. I suggest you set aside an hour or so each week to read that week’s theme and reflct on what resonates with you. Beyond that, the choice is yours. Whether it’s stopping at sunset to take three deep breaths and notice how you feel, or making time to spend a day in nature, the amount of time you commit is entirely down to you.

However much you choose to give to this process, you won’t be spending that time glued to your screen. I’ll be guiding you to connect with nature and your own body, observe the changes you can see and feel, and compare ancient frameworks for interpreting the seasons to your own, lived, experience.

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