Join me this Spring 2017 for a 6 week online journey taking you mindfully from winter to summer, in one of the greatest energetic transitions of the year.


Collage of spring images: Seasonal living

With weekly emails, live gatherings round the virtual campfire, and a community of creative souls to connect with and be inspired by, you’ll be guided through a process of deep connection with the season.

• Consider what’s emerged for you this winter and what seeds are ready to germinate as the days lengthen and we move into the light

• Move into creative action without being overwhelmed by the new energy rushing in; take exquisite care of yourself 

• Learn how to stay healthy in Spring, with nourishing seasonal food and an awareness of your body’s needs

• Understand the energy of the season and how to harness it in your life, business or creative work

We’ll begin on 20th March 2017: the spring equinox – the point when after a winter of long nights and shorter days, dark and light find equilibrium.

Our journey will end on 2nd May, Beltane in the Celtic calendar: the pinnacle of Spring’s fertile energy.

“To anyone thinking of taking the course I would say, do it: it was so lovely and inspiring. Take time to devour the season – this beautiful course prompts you to contemplate the changes unfolding around you perfectly”

Heather Waring, Waring Well

Discover the power of seasonal living this Spring

Daylight wakes us. Sunshine lifts our spirits. Rain has us hunkering down, dreaming of what’s to come. Instinctively, we’re aware of natural cycles.

The trouble is, unless we create space to pay attention to them, it’s too easy to find that days, months and whole years pass us by. On the treadmill of work, family and other commitments it’s not always easy to take time to slow down and look around us.

Noticing seasonal changes roots us. Opens up an awareness of our part in the great cycle of life, widens our horizons and expands what we’re aware of.

Spring is a powerful time to connect to what is emerging for us this year and what seeds we will cultivate in our lives.

What is ready to be birthed in your life or work?

What will thrive in the light of this year, and what will you be looking forward to harvesting later on?

We’ll explore together what it means to truly be present as the year opens up, and to cultivate mindfulness and peace as the year gathers pace.

 Along the way we’ll examine themes of awakening, planting, nourishment, joy and delight in the dynamic potential this season brings. 

“I love the way you asked us to observe the minutiae of nature and connect it with our lives. It was really beautiful and helped me connect with something that is very important to me. It also supported my creative energy which is essential for my wellbeing. Thank you.” Jo


Collage of spring images: Seasonal living


What will the journey look like?

Every Tuesday for the duration of the course you’ll receive a beautifully designed message exploring a particular aspect of the season. As the weeks unfold you’ll discover what energies Spring brings, explore how they show up in your life, and connect to a deeper understanding of the rhythms of this time of year.

I’ll be sharing elements from a blend of traditions, along with my own observations of the land on which I live. Themes will include:

• The Celtic festivals of Beltane and Ostara
• The cardinal points: East, the rising sun, and our direction in life
• Elements of Spring: Wood and Water
• Preparing for summer
• Moon phases, astrology and spring in the skies
• Ayurveda in Spring
• Planting, seeds and sprouts
• Yin and Yang in the coming season

You’ll be invited to reflect on that week’s theme, and allow it to infuse into your awareness – there will be suggestions for journalling, notes on what to observe around you and practices to bring the concepts we’ll explore to life.

Above all, you’ll be encouraged to step away from the screen and look around you. To breathe in the time and place in which you live and pay closer attention to the changes happening in your internal and external worlds.

“Your email brought a feeling of stillness with it each time it arrived in my inbox”

Nicola Delacroix, When It’s Time To Say Goodbye


Collage of spring images: Seasonal living


We’ll gather in our private Facebook group and share our images on Instagram. Participation is entirely optional in both. If you want to experience the course privately and at your own pace, feel free to do so – in the past some participants have thrived in the sharing community, others have chosen to make this a quiet inward exploration.

You will also receive a package of seasonal treasures in the mail during the course, containing unique keepsakes of the season to commemorate the experience.

You’ll end the course having paid true attention to this vast annual shift from the dark to the light. Overflowing with creative prompts. Experiencing calm, presence and connection to the time and place you’re in for Spring 2017.

The Spring you are about to experience is unique to the time and place you live in, and to where you are in your life.

Collage of spring images: Seasonal living


This course will help contextualise your own lived experience, awakening your appreciation of the space and time you’re in right now.

“It really deepened my appreciation of my home in a period of quite a lot of change, and kept bringing me back to all that was good around me”

Geraldine Willcocks

How long will it take?

I suggest you set aside an hour or so each week to read that week’s theme and reflect on what resonates with you. Beyond that, the choice is yours. Whether it’s stopping at sunset to take three deep breaths and notice how you feel, or making time to spend a day in nature, the amount of time you commit to this process is entirely down to you.

I’ll be guiding you to connect with nature and your own body, observe the changes you can see and feel, and compare ancient frameworks for interpreting the seasons to your own, lived, experience.

Previous participants have commented on the gentle flow of the course, with time to reflect on each prompt.

“It was gentle and compassionate. I didn’t feel under any pressure and the topic areas were lovely – challenging but not overwhelming. I felt guided in a really respectful way… it was delightful.”

Jo Dyer, Really Useful Gardens

Who am I?

I’m Madeleine. Originally from London, since 2014 I’ve lived on a small off-grid farm in the mountains of Central Portugal. With no central heating and solar powered electricity, spring is a glorious segue into long hot days, abundant energy, and planting up the new garden for the summer months.

I started The Seasoned Year because, in choosing a more simple life I’ve learned to connect with the seasons on a visceral as well as intellectual level – and that’s changed everything for me. I want others to experience the peace, connection and sense of safety that comes from deepening our understanding of the annual cycles we’re a part of, whether we recognise them or not.

I live more closely than I ever had with the land and its rhythms, and I’ve been cultivating my own observations of the changes – and researching other interpretations of those shifts – for the past few years. I’m excited to share the changes I observe personally with you, as well as soaking up your experience and discovering more about each week’s theme in community.

Revive! is for you if:

• You’re drawn to living a life that’s mindful and connected, where you feel truly present in each moment and in tune with the bigger picture
• Spending time with nature fills you up and calms you down. You’d love more of that in your day-to-day
• You’re curious about different rituals and practices honouring the season
• Creative prompts, inspire and motivate you, sparking new ideas and insights (maybe you’re a bit of a dreamer?)
• You’re willing to dedicate at least an hour each week to reading, reflecting and opening up space for this connection to grow

Revive! is not for you if:

• You’re primarily looking for information and theory (though I can suggest further reading if you’re keen to find out more about any of the themes we touch on)
• You’re not willing to pay attention to your own experience and would prefer someone else to tell you what to do
• You’re tender to references to birth or pregnancy. These aspects of the cycle of life are deeply entwined with Spring energy, so if they’re triggering for you and now isn’t the time to explore them, Revive! probably isn’t for you
• You’re not in the Northern Hemisphere and aren’t going to be experiencing the shift from Spring into Summer over the next few months.

How do I join?

Revive! is currently in session. Sign up on this page to be the first to hear when our next course is announced.