A butterfly on my finger

We are approaching the peak of Spring. Our second new moon of the season brings out the stars ahead of next week’s cross-quarter day, and the land is heaving with life. Fruitfulness, fertility, abundance.

Blossom now from all our trees: Almond, walnut, quince, cheery, and the apples, latest of all to bloom.

The air is heavy with the scent of lavender and broom, and buzzing with life: bees, butterflies, fat locusts. At night the marsh frogs join the owl and the nightingale in a rowdy chorus; without the background noise of crickets their voices are distinct.

Spring is here in all its fertile abundance. I am growing too, the baby inside me wriggling and kicking more than ever. I’m appreciating with greater nuance what it is to create new life. Pregnancy is all encompassing, is joyful, has brought me into a state of greater trust and relaxation than I’ve ever felt before.

Growth can be painful

And at the same time it’s uncomfortable, itchy, heavy. My skin stretches, my inner organs shift and rearrange themselves, I am banged from within by tiny limbs that beat against my ribcage and squish down into my bladder.

So we are wrenched from the peace of the winter months and thrust into this new way of being. Like the birds, frantic to build their nests, or the green shoots bursting up through the soil. This growth can be painful, can feel reckless, unstoppable. It’s life and it’s wonderful and its terrifying too. What will our lives be like when this season is finished? Where will the new paths we tread lead us to?

Every day brings a new miracle. A bird flies into the house with its’ partner, whirring and flapping round the room until I’m able to herd it back out of the window. I find a butterfly in the grass slow and tame enough to coax onto my finger. New flowers, new colours, new scents.

No guarantees

These words from Carrie-Ann Moss have stayed with me this week:

“As we approach the fertile month of May, remember to look to the flowers and the way they show themselves to the world, fully, with no guarantees. In fact, the only guarantee they have is that they will one day fall from their branches and return to the earth, only to do the cycle over again. This defies all linear thinking, and it is an inspiring perspective.”

Seasonal living invites us to defy the linear perspective. Every year we return to the same seasons, remember the same lessons, tread the same path. It can b frustrating and yet it’s also hopeful. We get another chance at this. Another shot at this time of making and doing, of moving into action, of planting and seeing what comes up.

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