stuck in the same season?

Are you stuck in the same season?

OK, that might seem like a strange question to ask. After all, time passes and the seasons change – there’s nothing we can do about that. Is there?

Well, I think we all have a season we prefer. As my passion for sinking more into the seasons has grown I’ve noticed that tends to come up whenever I talk to people about it.

Lots of people I spoke to this summer told me they actually couldn’t wait for the hot weather to pass and cool autumn days to arrive (I wrote this blog post for them).

Autumn being my favourite season, I’d almost assumed that everyone else felt the same way I did about misty mornings, jeans and cardigans… but no.

Other people, it turns out, love Spring because of its buoyant, energetic vigour and the delicious sensation of leaving winter behind.

Or pray for summer, when we can connect and socialise, leave sweaters and coats at home and soak up the sunlight.

Even cold, dark winter has its fans.

What does your season say about you?

According to Traditional Chinese medicine we each have a certain “season” which gives us our characteristics; whether we’re a hot, fiery, active summer type or a reflective, still winter.

This might be your favourite season, or it might be a different one. I love Autumn but I think I’m probably more “winter” in my nature. I like being still, reflecting, thinking.

Take a moment to consider, instinctively, which season you think your personality is most like.

Now, ask yourself how that’s manifesting in your life right now.

This is where it gets interesting.

When the season doesn’t change

My winter elements are perfect during the long dark months. I curl up in my chair, write in my journal, sip hot tea and contemplate life.

But if I’m not careful, I can find myself stuck in reflection mode. Launching an email course has been an exercise for me of stretching my comfort zone.

Embracing what feels like a more springlike energy of creating something new, and a summer time one of sharing it and gathering community.

Perhaps you’re very much an Autumn person. You love letting go and clearing things out; allowing your experiences to mulch down and soak into your life. Do you also have a winter time, when you’re happy to be still? To stop the sorting and releasing and let yourself just be?

How to use this

I haven’t made a women’s magazine style quiz to identify your season – I don’t think there’s a right or a wrong way to do this. I believe the season we’re most drawn to can change, and that it can be different across different areas of our lives too.

What I do think is helpful is to consider that every year contains the full cycle of seasons.

Just as nature needs the whole spectrum in order to thrive, we also need to make time for each of the seasons to show up for us: to give ourselves permission to experience the full breadth of activity and emotions. Especially at transition time, there’s great power in being aware of the change that’s happening around us and asking if we’re changing our activities too.

If you feel you’re stuck in the same season, I’d suggest you start by connecting to the season we’re in. Build that practice into your day to day life and you’ll be able to shift naturally as the wheel of the year turns. Spend time in nature, feeling into the energy that’s there, and give yourself time to ready yourself for what’s coming next.

For me that means that I’m pushing ahead with work tasks and straightening up my home. The chaos of summer has departed and in a few short months it’ll be winter. Before then I want to have finished what I started; to know what’s most important; to be sure I’m not carrying anything extraneous into the dark with me.

It also means putting on hold some of my newest ideas. Writing them down ready to come to in Spring when I know a new fervour will grab me and I’ll be ready to start building new things.

What do you think?

What season do you feel most aligned to – and have you ever noticed that it’s hard to move out of it?Do you find you live a different life with each season or are you generally someone who keeps an even keel? Share in the comments below.

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