Animals asleep on floor

When I’m uncertain about the energy a season holds, I often turn to the animals around me: the domesticated and the wild.

In summer, I notice in the middle of the day a gradual peace descends.

The birds stop singing.

The frogs stop croaking.

The dogs and cats lie prone on the cool clay floor, conserving their energy.

Only the regular buzz of the crickets and the rattle of lizards and snakes in the dry leaves disturbs the hot silence of the midday sun.

So many people I’ve spoken to lately tell me they’re tired. We’re preparing for holidays or returning from them; we’re staying up late and getting up early; we’re saying yes to spontaneous opportunities as well as striving to continue with existing commitments.

How can you give yourself the gift of that rest?

Do you feel a slow lethargy settle in the middle of the day? Can you allow yourself to respect it?

Can you allow yourself to release the urge to do, do, do… and just be?