Slow down. Find peace.

We are part of the cycle of the seasons. Restoring that connection feels like coming home.

Screen-lit, bathed in networks and signals, do you still feel the pull of the sky? Of mountains and lakes, of leaves and rain? Outside your window the land breathes and beneath your skin, your cells throb with recognition. Circadian rhythms flow like forgotten rivers through your veins. We wax and wane, we ebb and flow, we are part of a web which stretches far wider than the digital world. It's time to reconnect to what the cycle of the seasons has to teach us.

An old mill: part of my inefficient life.
An inefficient life

In an inefficient life, not everything is useful or tended to. That which we no longer need is released, to… Read More

A misty track. Becoming clearer: understanding the cross quarter days
Growing clearer: Understanding the cross-quarter days

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A cold snap: frozen olive leaves
A cold snap

[caption id="attachment_586" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Along the river, pools turned to ice, blue-grey, with delicate concentric circles scored into them like… Read More